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Fitness tips for getting lean and fit in your life

Fitness tips for getting lean and fit in your life 

Fitness tips for getting lean and fit:  In this article, we'll introduce you to 42 health and fitness truths designed to help you get lean and fit. You will probably be surprised at some tips because you have always thought that you are doing everything right - do not worry, we still often enough! Our 42 fitness tips for getting slim and fit will encourage you to rethink your current lifestyle and incorporate a new routine into your everyday life - be inspired and look forward to a better and healthier new self.

1. Fitness tip: Get up often

Sitting at your desk all day can lead to increased calorie intake. Especially when we have to concentrate extremely hard at work, it can lead to cravings when combined with just sitting down. Therefore, you often get up, take the stairs and go during the lunch break around the block. This prevents food cravings . Also, the intake of BCAAs can prevent cravings.

2. Take the lunch break actively

Sitting for several hours can have irreversible effects on our brain and our body. As soon as we sit down, our calorie consumption drops to 1.2 calories per minute. In addition, the enzyme lipoprotein lipase is not activated, which scavenges the fat molecules in the blood and burns. The fat then accumulates in our fatty tissue. Just go jogging before work or do a small HIIT session during lunch break if you have the chance and there is a gym or room in your office or one near you. Our "FIT IN 20 MINUTES" workout plans are perfect for a lightning workout during your lunch break.

3. Go to bed before 11 pm and sleep for at least 7 hours

Have you ever noticed that one tends to cravings after a night of drinking? Yes and that is indeed the case. Insufficient sleep leads to cravings and fat deposits because it causes stress for the body and raises our cortisol levels. As we sleep, our body is busy setting up many repair processes for us. Our muscles regenerate, our skin renews itself and our brain comes to rest. In addition, lack of sleep can also lead to inadequate release of the growth hormone Somatropin (HGH-Human Growth Hormone), an essential hormone that helps us in the formation of muscle mass. Therefore, we advise you to go to bed before 11pm and sleep for at least 7 hours a night to avoid gaining weight.

4. Take zinc for increased fat burning

Zinc helps us burn body fat . In addition, zinc is an essential trace element that is known to provide essential nutrients to the body and brain. Especially athletes often suffer from a lack of zinc, as the metabolism is running at full speed due to the physical activity. The more intense the individual training level is, the more zinc is excreted by the body via urine and sweat. Therefore, athletes need the trace element all the more necessary because it plays a major role in cell growth, muscle building and the regeneration process. The magic mineral is found in cereals, fruits, vegetables and nuts, for example. Otherwise, we also have the option of zinc tablets which can fill up our depot equally effectively.

5. Go running

Running helps to slow down the aging process, it is good for the head and good for our heart. Too much or too long running, however, can counterproductively affect our cortisol levels and lead to muscle loss and fat deposits. Do it better shorter, but more intense with interval sprints, for example, advantage: they have more effect in less time. If you need a specific training plan , we recommend our 12 " Killer Cardio Workout Plans "

6. Take an hour

An hour is just under 5% of an entire day. Let's tell you that those who work in the gym or at home are agony should try to keep that in mind: 1 hour of your day is just about 5% of your day - 5% of the day Spending sports is not that much, is it? Just let this statement motivate you and start turning it into fitness. A good start is our STRONG basics training plan for women.

7. Calculate your market nutrient requirement

Carbohydrates, protein, fat and alcohol each contain 4, 4, 9 and 7 calories per gram.
But what does that mean for you? Counting calories or macronutrients can be very helpful in determining how large your percentage should be and how many calories you are actually taking. For example, if a product contains 20g of carbohydrates, you get 80 calories just from the carbohydrates. Useful are nutrition apps. How many grams you should take personally from which macronutrients, so that it fits your diet plan, which we calculate in your individual diet plan .

8. Remove body fat

You need to burn about 7000 calories to lose 1 kilogram of body fat.
Say, if you want to lose 1 pound a week of body fat, for example, you need to reach a deficit of 500 calories per day. This can be achieved by reducing the consumption of 500 calories, exercising in sports that burn 500 calories, or by combining both, depending on your personal fitness goal. Which sport is best for body fat reduction can be read in our article "Why do not I take off?" And here you will find a special nutrition plan for body fat reduction .

9. First empty your glycogen stores

An average person can store 500 grams of glycogen (sugar).
Glycogen is stored in the liver and muscles and arises from the conversion of carbohydrates. However, when this memory is full, our body converts the remainder of the leftover carbs into fat. Therefore, it is important to always make sure that it is not too crowded. So to reduce body fat faster during sports, it is advisable to empty the glycogen stores completely and then perform a targeted fat burner workout. Our superset fat burner training plan is designed exactly like this.

10. Pay attention to optimal macronutrient intake

Protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates are important macronutrients that our body needs to gain energy and build and maintain muscle, skin, bones, cells, etc. They are therefore essential to ensure the natural functions of our body. Our STRONG nutrition plan takes into account your personal values ​​and ensures that your macronutrient needs are optimally covered.

11. Do not let it unsettle you

Muscle glycogen consists of about 3 parts water to 1 part glucose. Therefore, this can lead to an increase in water weight at the beginning of a strength training program, which makes you think you have gained weight! Do not worry, that's NOT like that! By the way, muscles also weigh more than fat, so you may not notice anything on the scale, but in the mirror. It is advisable to use a body fat scale here .

12. Burn calories in everyday life

You burn more calories throughout the day (23 hours) than in a workout hour. Therefore, be active in everyday life and take the stairs or just go on foot to work or by bike. Or get out of a bus station earlier.

13. Watch for a calorie deficit

You do not have to do cardio in order to lose weight. All you need is a calorie deficit. But that does not mean that cardio is not a useful tool! For example, we recommend our Killer Cardio Workout Plan.

14. There is not too old

You're never, NEVER too old for squats!

15. Everything starts in the head

Weight loss is not a physical but a psychological challenge.
It's all about mental training - as Mr Maslow would say - you have to set a clear goal and want it so strong that it does NOT prevent you from doing anything! In order to set a clear goal and develop this strong will, we recommend the " Looking Good Naked " book by Mark Maslow. Really an excellent basics book for beginners and advanced to not only change the body, but also the head on fitness and a long-term healthy lifestyle.

16. Measure body fat percentage correctly

You can not calculate body fat alone based on height and body weight. With a Calpier you get more concrete values.

17. Weight Fat

As stated above: losing weight is not the same as losing fat. Muscles weigh more than fat, and if you're wondering why you're losing weight despite not doing any exercise, then it may be because you're losing valuable muscle.

18. Low Fat

Low fat is not always a good thing. Often, low fat foods such as yoghurt or quark have plenty of sugar in it to optimize the taste, rather than the high fat content. And sugar is, as we know, even worse than fat.

19. Fat is not the same fat

Fat is not always bad. Be sure to put on the right fats and avoid processed, saturated fats (fries, fried, magarine etc). Prefer avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, classic butter, nuts or GHEE.

20. Put on naturalness

If a food has more than 3-5 ingredients on the label - keep your hands off it. Rather put on food completely WITHOUT label.

21. Invest today, save in the long run

Fast food may sometimes be cheaper than food from the health food store. Keep in mind, however, that in the long run, you will live healthier and save the medical expenses of your old age through a healthy diet.

22. Do not be fooled by appearances

Just because "wholegrain" is written on a package does not mean that it is healthy. Pay attention to the other ingredients!

23. Do not let it unsettle you

You can lose weight and still build muscle. You can also gain weight and still lose body fat. (The thing about the fat-muscle ratio ;-))

24. Focus on quality

Even in sports, the statement that the quality of your training is more important than the quantity counts. So do not break down and go smart with a specific training and nutrition plan.

25. Health is the most important asset

You should never perform diets and the goal of losing weight at the expense of your health.

26. Sure to succeed

Crash diets may lead to a rapid weight loss in the short term, but unfortunately, the "success" is short-lived, because after a "successful" Blitz diet occurs just as quickly and the yo-yo effect. Rely on step-by-step success and implement your diet over the long term. Optimally matched to your training schedule. If you are still "new" in the topic and are now asking yourself "yes, but how exactly?", We will gladly prepare a personal training and nutrition plan for you .

27. Too much (head) stress leads to fat

If you are constantly stressed and have a mental theater, it can negatively affect your cortisol levels and lead to fat deposits (especially on the stomach). Try to get rid of it and go to the massage more often, meditate and do yoga - yes, no joke, that really helps !!

28. Put on Meal Prep

Prepare your meal yourself as often as you can. This guarantees you that you have the ingredients in hand. What exactly is behind Meal Prep, who it is for and what its benefits are, see our article Meal Prep Recipes and Meal Preparation Guide.

29. Do not forget yourself

Building muscle is far more difficult than building up 5 kilos of fat 😉 just kidding, you certainly know that. Nevertheless, it is important not to give up, build muscle and lose fat does not happen overnight, it requires a fundamental lifestyle change to a healthier lifestyle. Making Low Carb once a week just does not help if you do the remaining 6 days of cheat days . so do not mess up yourself. Do you really want to lose weight? Then you can also sign up for> ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS <... and damn well let the beer go to the salad ...

30. Eat after 6 pm?

Many fitness Bibles do not preach after 6 pm to avoid fat deposits overnight. That is complete nonsense. It's about the total calorie balance you take over the day. So it does not matter when you eat the marzipan cake. It starts before 6 pm (unfortunately).

31. The body fat percentage does not count the weight

Even though you're slim and weight-bearing, many still seem somehow wobbly and skinny even though they're skinny. this is due to the body fat percentage. If you do NOT have muscle, because you've been jogging for years, or exercising with pink 0.5kg dumbbells for fear of Hulk, then you're probably skinny fat (just fat and bone) - pretty unsexy or not? Get it under control again with our STRONG basics training plan.

32. Give the temptation no chance

The more finished products, chips and co. You house at home, the higher the chance you will eat them out. If you have to peel yourself out of pajamas to walk to the nearest kiosk, your Jiieper is probably already pursuing - so you just do not buy the stuff. Tip : before shopping, eat 3 pieces of Harzer. Makes you sick and prevents Jiieper shopping.

33. Not just men's business

A healthy testosterone level is good for both men and women.

34. You do not necessarily have to go to a gym to get fit
Do not worry, you do not have to torment yourself in those stuffy rooms that are usually always too crowded anyway. You can also get fit at home or outdoors with our Crossfit exercises for the home including 36 Crossfit training plans.

35. Track your calories

90% of people underestimate how many calories they actually consume daily and are then surprised that they are not losing weight. If you want to get fit then it's a good idea to keep track of what you eat throughout the day to get a better feel for the nutrient balance. Recommended here are apps like fddb or Yazio .

36. Put on the afterburning effect

The more intense your training is, the higher the EPOC level (Excess Post-Expense Oxygen Consumption). Here you should bet better on training with weights than on cardio. An optimal training plan for this case is our superset Fatburner training plan .

37. Make your plans public

80% of people starting a fitness program fail. The question is: how much do you want it? Are you ready to make sacrifices for your dream body? Be aware that the path to the dream figure can be hard and rocky. So set yourself realistic goals, but then you also run through as utopias that are doomed to failure anyway - defeats lead to frustration and eventually even more on the hips. So set clear but realistic goals and then pull them through! Tip : Make your plans public.

38. Use the thermal effect TEF

The digestion process requires a lot of energy, which means that some of the calories we feed are consumed immediately during or immediately after eating. This process is the so-called thermal effect of food - TEF (thermic effect of food). The TEF differs from macronutrient to macronutrient. The highest is the thermal effect of protein-containing foods (up to 30%) followed by carbohydrates. Fett is last on the list. Specifically, for you, the more protein-rich your meals are, the more will be consumed by the calories you've consumed through the digestive system.

39. Give your muscles 48 hours to grow

Many women go to sports every day and work out the same muscle groups day in, day out - most of the time on existing muscle soreness. Dear ladies. Sometimes it just does not always help a lot! For example, on Monday, as you train your legs, destroying your butt muscle fibers, your little muscle pilots work on Tuesday to rebuild and stabilize the muscle to be ready for the next shock. But if you hit the construction site on Tuesday and directly destroy the muscle fibers in its build-up phase, your pom-poms will have no chance to become peaches - logical or ?? So let yourself have between 2 training sessions at least (!) 48 hours time. better even longer. We recommend a 3-split plan with the basic exercises.

40. More muscle mass = more fatburn effect

The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Muscle tissue works for you at the elimination of body fat throughout the day. Practical or? Who needs cardio training at the same speed? So we "run away" our muscles = fat burning engines again! Advisable here is a cardio interval training . This protects the muscles, is short but heavy and supports fat loss extremely.

41. Stop using crunches as an abdominal exercise!

Yes, seriously. Crunches are really superfluous. If you want to have a sixpack then you need to put on the basic exercises + exercises where you did not think before that these are abdominal exercises. The perfect training plan for awesome abdominal muscles is our STRONG basic training plan + abdominal training plan as a combination package.

42. Set concrete and measurable goals

Without concrete (best pictorial) and measurable goals you will never come to your dream figure. We advise you to formulate your goal as concretely as possible and to regularly track your body values ​​with tape measure, body fat scale and also with photos. Here you will find a recommendable podcast on the topic " Setting goals ".

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